Openbaar is a window based client for the Multimedia Retrieval Markup Language (MRML), specifically for requesting images from servers implementing the Gnu Image Finding Tool (GIFT) for content based image retrieval (CBIR). The program aims at using viewing times of images to determine their relevance values for query by example (QBE). The viewing times are obtained using eye-tracking or the mouse focus.

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The program is a spin-off from a larger project in which an image retrieval interface is controlled using eye-tracking technology (see Openbaar, however, can be controlled using a mouse (or an eye tracker that is able to set mouse positions by gaze).

Openbaar is a platform independent open source project. It uses C++, wxWidgets and openGL.

The work done so far has been carried out at the Institute for Basic Research of the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Since September 2005, a public GIFT server hosting the images of Media Art Net is provided by the Knowledge Media Research Center in Tübingen, Germany. It may be accessed by GIFT clients at using port 12789.

Sources, binaries and more can be found at the project page. Logo